Multiple Bluetooth devices connected simultaneously: OSX, Lego NXT, Arduino, Phone, etc...


I programmed an OS X application that is able to connect to several Bluetooth devices with the profile SPP (Serial Port Profile). As you can see with the print screen, I've connected 2 phones (tablets with Android), two Lego Mindstorm NXTs, and an Arduino UNO. This application allows you to send and receive text messages through this protocol, and if it detects a Lego NXT, a new type of window will pop up, allowing you to control the NXT servos and sensors. All you have to do is specify the sensor and hit poll (the poll of the servos is not working at this time, but the most important, i.e. the sensors, is). As you read, it also connects several NXTs simultaneously, and in such case, several NXT Controlling windows will pop up, allowing you to controll them all.





PS: if you don't want to integrate several BT devices, and you just want to play with your NXT, you can use this app: Of all the ones I found on the internet, that's the finest :). Remember, one NXT at a time.

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